Destiny Won't be Getting Any More Updates, Says Bungie

Bungie has announced that there’ll be no more updates for the first Destiny. After Age of Triumph, the game won’t be getting any more game balances or anything else. The team is now focused solely on Destiny 2. With the upcoming Destiny 2 Beta this summer, there’s probably not enough resources to focus on Destiny 1.

Destiny Won't be Getting Any More Updates, Says Bungie
Destiny Won’t be Getting Any More Updates, Says Bungie

The first Destiny is approaching the end of its life cycle, it seems. With the sequel on the horizon and its upcoming Beta this summer, Bungie are dedicating all of their resources to Destiny 2. They made an announcement on Bungie’s official website explaining the situation to the players:

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Age of Triumph was touted as the last update to Destiny. In our constant watch over the community, we’ve heard many of you asking if the current sandbox will get another design pass. Our sole focus at this time is Destiny 2.

All hands at Bungie are committed to making Destiny 2 the sequel that this community deserves. We have a Beta this summer that will demand your bug reports. This fall will begin an entirely new cycle of updates for a brand new game that we think will be the best answer to the feedback you’ve give us since the original launch of Destiny.

Of course, their famous #Feedback won’t die together with Destiny 1. Bungie will continue to listen to the community once Destiny 2 rolls out. The post encourages fans to keep sending their thoughts and complaints to the developers, hoping that the two-way communication will help them improve the sequel. In fact, they believe that players will see how valuable the feedback has been once the new game launches. and it seems that Bungie isn’t kidding, considering they’re getting rid of Grimoire Cards in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is coming out on September 8th, 2017 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. For our full coverage so far, check out our list of Destiny 2 articles.

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