Destiny Restoration Mission Guide

Restoration is the second mission in Old Russia and second mission in the game overall. It follows “A Guard Rises” mission. This is the first mission where you can play with up to two other Guardians cooperatively. Even if you don’t start playing with teammates, you will see other players on the map and you can join them or you can continue playing as a lone wolf. It’s up to you.

The Steppes

The first objective is to find a wrecked ship, so activate a waypoint with your Ghost and follow it. If you decide to take your time and explore the map a little bit, you will have a chance of finding Dead Ghosts, loot chests and special, Golden loot chest with high rewards, but have in mind that enemies will keep popping up via dropships.

When you reach the ship, there will be Fallen waiting for you so eliminate them and use Ghost to check out the ship. This will open up the next objective.

Before proceeding there will be another Dead Ghost nearby: turn around from the ship and notice smaller shed on the top of a hill (there won’t be any enemies around it), go inside and you will find it near a wall.

After that, go to the shed near the smaller one, which is kind of bigger and kill all of the enemies – after that head downstairs. Those who want a more challenging task may look for another way through a similar shed, on the other side of the map, which is filled with tougher enemies.

Destiny Mission Restoration Scan mapNext objective takes you inside a shed and downstairs to find a large map on a wall and scan it with your Ghost. This will open another objective for you, so head back outside and to where you began the mission.

Destiny mission restoration 2
Enter this building and you will find a golden loot chest to your left, on a table.
There will be a large building with stairs, so head inside and on your way expect some resistance from the Fallen.

On your way, there will be a special Gold Loot Chest that is really hard to miss. Just pay attention to your left as you enter the installation and you’ll see it on the table. This is the first one out of 5 scattered around Old Russia – with a great reward if you manage to find all of them!

Dock 13 – Darkness Zone

The Darkness zone is dungeon like section of the game which means that it will be a private instance for you or your team and other players can not join or see you. Just try and help other members of your team immediately if they die and if you go in solo you will respawn automatically if you die.

How to kill Riksis, Devil Archon

Boss of this mission is Riksis. He spawns out of a big pipe in the wall with three adds.
Tactics for killing Riksis
  1. Concetrate your efforts on Riksis and not the adds. Adds respawn once you kill them so you will spend more time on them than on the boss.
  2. Riksis uses a weapon whose shots scatter. Keeping your distance from him will help you avoid his shots thus having you take less damage.
  3. Opposite of where Riksis shows up are two doors with a corridor between them. If you find yourself in trouble enter one of the doors and run to the other side. Boss and adds will stay focused on the door through which you escaped and once you emerge from the other door you will have a clear shot of the boss. The moment he turns his attention towards you and starts getting closer you run back in the door and go to the other end. Rinse and repeat.
  4. Once the boss starts getting low on health he will become angrier and start running more aggressively towards you. Avoid melee range because his melee hit can one shot you. Keep your cool and he will soon be down
Focus on Riksis and watch out for enemy attacks – when he is done, your mission will be finished too.
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