Destiny secret chest in Dreadnaught solution guide

Destiny update The Taken King brought to us some secrets like hidden chest in the Dreadnaught – Mausoleum. In this guide we’ll show you where to start, how to solve a jumping puzzle and open the secret chest. Before you find the chest, you’ll need buff Scent of the worm. The key is to smell like a Hive, and then you can run through this area and open the chest. We suggest you practice the jumping path first, so you know exactly where to go.

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How to get Scent of the worm buff?

In the same room where you start, crawl through a hole into a smaller room with Calcified fragment, and wait there for a few minutes. Your screen will become green, and soon you’ll get the buff “Scent of the Worm” that lasts for 1 minute. From that moment you have to run fast from where you are, across the jumping puzzle towards the chest.

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    if u run along the left wall after getting the scent u can use the ledge to make it the chest with out having to do the jumping puzzle much easier enjoy

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