How To Get SUROS Weapon Pack | Destiny: The Taken King

The SUROS Weapon Pack is an arsenal of weapons you unlock by preordering The Taken King expansion. You won’t get them delivered to you, though.
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When you fire up the game, you’ll still have to find, and buy them. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find SUROS weapon pack.

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destiny taken king how to get suros weapon packFirst of all, make sure the add-on has been installed on your console. After that is done, head to the Tower Hangar and talk to the Vanguard Quartermaster. He’s the one selling the items you’re looking for. You’ll have to cough up 1500 glimmer for each piece.

If you’re on PS4 (digital pre-order) and they’re not showing up for you, you could try restoring your licences, like this:
  • Go to Settings from the PS4 menu
  • Choose PSN Account Management
  • Select Restore Licences


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