Destiny Ship & Sparrow customization to be released with the expansion

Great news for Destiny fans as Bungie is planning to release the Ship & Sparrow shader customization, additional ships and new custom shaders for armor. Rumor has it that the release is planned to come with the Dark Below expansion in December. New cosmetic feature will allow you to change the appearance of the Ships and Sparrows.

Destiny Expansions Image

New materials for customizing

  • “Ship Shader Template”
    Description: “A reverse engineered shell that allows a Shader to interface with ship hull coatings.”
  • “Vehicle Shader Template”
    Description: “A layer of translation code that allows a shader to interface with vehicle coatings.”
  • “Shader Data”
    Description: “Code tweaks and mods for more complex armor shaders.”

New ships

The Dark Below expansion will also provide a variety of new ships. You can see some new ships in the gallery below:

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