Far Cry 4: Leaked achievements unveil Homestead and Battles of Kyrat mode

Recently leaked information about Far Cry 4, provided us with a full list of 50 achievements. Besides giving info about Homestead, which hasn’t been announced publicly yet, it also contains some hints about what activities players will be focusing on in the game.
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Homestead, which was featured in the Assassin Creed 3, is a base that players will be able to upgrade. Looking at the achievements list, it’s still not possible to know how large the base will be, or what kind of upgrades will be available.

New mode “Battles of Kyrat” is also mentioned in the achievement list. Ubisoft will reveal more information about this multiplayer mode in the following days.

Be warned, some achievements contain spoilers about the game, which might ruin the gameplay for some players who are interested in the main story line. The full list can be found here.


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