Destiny Tower Dead Ghost locations

Once you reach the Tower you can collect 4 available Dead Ghosts. The last one can be collected only during the Iron Banner event.
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Tower Dead Ghost Locations

#1Sub Area – Tower WatchGhost Fragment – The City Age
From the place where you spawn at Tower Plaza, turn left and go up the stairs. The ghost is on top of the boxes.
#2Sub Area – Tower NorthGhost Fragment – Warlock
In the room where the Speaker is located, look on a small table and revive a ghost.
#3Sub Area – Hall of GuardiansGhost Fragment – The last Word
In the Hall of Guardians where you meet your class mentor, turn right and you’ll find a ghost on a table.
#4Sub Area – Traveler’s WalkGhost Fragment – The City Age 2
Collecting this ghost is little tricky, because it can be completed only on selected days, when the Iron Banner event is available. During this event, go through the entrance next to the Crucible Bounty board. Go straight ahead to the railing, where you should look for the ghost.



  1. E

    #3 has changed since the addition of the Exotic Weapon Blueprint kiosk. The table that was there was replaced with this. The ghost is on the crates to the left now. 🙂

  2. C
    Chris Wilkes

    What about the ghost in the tree just in front of banshee 44, thanks for the help

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