Detroit Become Human Graffiti Locations - Where to find Jericho Symbols

Follow the trail of graffiti is one of the objectives in Detroit: Become Human. It’s a task for Markus, in the part of the game where he has to find Jericho. He does it by discovering the symbols hidden in street art, and following their trail to the group’s hideout. There are seven graffiti you need to find, and some of them are pretty well hidden. If you get stuck in this part of the game, our Detroit: Become Human graffiti locations guide will help you.

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Where to find graffiti?

You’ll find the first one as soon as you exit the train. It will be to your left, and the symbol you’re looking for is in the middle of the picture, all the way down. As you go down the escalator, you’ll see another one right in front of you. The symbols are in the lower left and upper right corners.

Go past the flower shop, turn right on the intersection and inspect the first building on the left. You’ll find one symbol above the star with the purple background, and the other one in the front, above the lantern.

The next one is in the closed parking lot, the one with the big yellow Park Here sign. You’ll have to go through the wire fence. The first symbol is above the first robot, the other is on the stomach of the third one, and the third is on the last robot. Move the wooden pallet to access it.

Look at the wall above the parking lot to find the next graffiti. You’ll need to climb onto the roof by pushing the blue container next to the wall and using it as a step. The symbols are all on the white head – two are black, and one is white.

After you jump across the gap and enter the courtyard, look at the mural high up on the wall. The first symbol is on the bottom, the second is between the words “sparkle” and “city”, and the last one is to the left of the spark plug. After you climb up into the ruined building, turn left and look for the red sign on the wall. You’ll have to stand in a specific place, so that the picture lines up properly.

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