Battlefield 5 Coming on October 19th, Won't Have Premium Pass

Last night, EA and DICE have revealed the first trailer for Battlefield 5. The latest iteration of the popular FPS series will take place in World War 2, and the video shows off some of the many things you’ll be able to do in the game, including downing a plane by shooting a grenade your teammate throws at it. The game’s coming on October 19th, and probably the most important thing we’ve learned about it is that it won’t have a season pass.

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battlefield 5 coming october 19th
Battlefield 5 Coming on October 19th, Won’t Have Premium Pass

This means, according to a tweet from the developers, that all “battles, fronts, and rewards” they decide to include after launch will be free for all owners of the game. It’s great news, since it means the community won’t be split into haves and have nots. Instead, everybody will be able to play with everyone else.

The game will supposedly focus on the fall of Europe, although only British and German forces have been mentioned by name as playable. The locations you’ll be able to play in at launch include France, Africa and the Netherlands. Coop is returning in a mode called Combined Arms, and singleplayer will be represented through War Stories.

They seem to have taken a page from Fortnite’s playbook, as Battlefield 5 will have building. You’ll be able to construct fortifications, including foxholes, sand bags, trenches and tank blockades. Health won’t regenerate all the way anymore – the health bar will be divided into several sections, and you’ll be able to regenerate up to the top of your current section. You ‘ll have to use health packs and medkits to push you over the limit.

A lot of changes have been made to the formula, and a lot of players aren’t happy with them. The trailer has almost the same number of likes and dislikes on Youtube, which is always fun to witness.

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