Diablo 4 Alchemist Location

Figuring out where to find the Diablo 4 alchemist location can be important, because that’s a valuable source of elixirs, potions and the like. So, where can you find the alchemist in Diablo IV? Well, you’ll have to earn it. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be too big of a task for a demon slayer like you. Here’s how it goes.

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diablo 4 alchemist location
Diablo 4 Alchemist Location

Where to Find Alchemist in Diablo 4

To find the location of the alchemist in Diablo 4, you have to push through the main quest until you gain entrance to the city of Kyovashad. We have a separate guide on how to do that, but the long and short of it is, just complete the “Rite of Passage” and you’ll get to the city eventually. Once you’re within the city walls, head up the main street and keep your eye out on the right. That’s where you’ll spot Veroka’s shop, aka the alchemist. If you can’t find it, consult the screenshots below. The map should be enough to guide you to the right place. Enter the shop and talk to Veroka to solicit her services. She can make all sorts of potions and elixirs for you, depending on your level.

So, yeah, that’s where you find the location of the alchemist in Diablo 4. Now, another thing we have to add is that, after your character reaches level 10, you’ll unlock a special Priority Quest that will send you straight to Veroka. You can then do missions for her, which is nice. So, if you don’t feel like combing the streets of Kyovashad, you can just keep leveling up until the game decides to take you straight to the alchemist’s door. At time of writing, we don’t know if the game is going to have more alchemists around the map. It’s still the time of the early access beta, so who knows what the rest of Diablo 4 has to offer. For now, Veroka will be more than enough.

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