Disable Chat in Diablo 4 Beta

Not sure how to disable chat in the Diablo 4 Beta? We’ve got you covered! At their core, Diablo games were always a single-player experience, first and foremost. And while Diablo IV is still designed around single-player, it has incorporated some “shared world” elements, which can be distracting for some. In this guide, we explain how to turn off chat and remove the chat box.

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Disable Chat in Diablo 4 Beta
Diablo IV Turn Off Chat

How to Disable Chat in Diablo 4 Beta

So, if you’re an introvert like me, you probably want to enjoy your Diablo 4 beta experience solo and in peace. However, given that Diablo 4 has some MMO elements, particularly – shared game world and world events, this can be tricky. Mainly due to other players roaming around. And as if their visual presence is not annoying enough, you will also be forced to read their messages in the global chat. This can be immersion-breaking and distracting, and naturally, many players will want to turn it off if possible. So, how to disable chat in Diablo 4 Beta?

Luckily, you can turn off many elements of the chat. If you are annoyed by other humans, you can turn off Local and Trade chats. However, Clan, Party and Whisper can not be disabled. If you want to minimize the effect of the “shared world” feature, here’s how to turn off chat from other random people:

  • Open the Options menu.
  • Select the Social tab (the second from the left).
  • Scroll down the Chat Settings options.
  • Uncheck the Join Local Chat Channel box.
  • Uncheck the Join Trade Chat Channel box.

As a result, this will turn off any chat from strangers wandering around you in the shared world. From now on, you will only receive messages from NPCs, private messages (whispers), and messages from your Clan and Party. However, if you don’t have a clan or a party, there will be no one to message you. Hence, direct messages will be the only humans you’ll ever hear.

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