Can't Use Skills and Abilities Bug Fix Diablo 4

If you can’t use skills in Diablo 4, you should know that this serious bug is currently affecting many players. Diablo IV early access is now live for players who have purchased the Ultimate Edition. However, the experience is plagued by numerous bugs at the moment. One particularly problematic glitch prevents players from using abilities, emotes, and dash in Diablo 4. Here’s what we know about it.

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Diablo 4 Can't Use Skills and Abilities Bug Fix
Diablo 4 Unable to Use Skills

Diablo 4 Can’t Use Abilities, Skills Not Working Bug

In a game such as Diablo 4, your skills are basically the only buttons you will be pressing on your keyboard. Thus, being unable to use skills in Diablo 4 is a game-breaking experience. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what many players are experiencing on the early access launch day. Specifically, there is a bug currently which prevents players to use abilities, emotes, or dash and other movement skills. For now, it doesn’t seems obvious what triggers this bug. “Can’t fight at all. All I can do is use potions and walk around”, says Reddit user Lanur.

Reddit user Mykevelli goes into more detail. He explains that he can use potions, pick up loot and interact with clickable objects. However, he can not use any abilities, activate an emote or use Dash. Many other players confirmed they suffer from the same game-breaking bug, where they can’t use skills, attack, or teleport in Diablo 4.

What’s common for all these issues is that it seemingly only happens to players in dungeons. Some players speculate that this bug has to do with teleporting to another player or after using a waypoint. However, we can not confirm that. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a solution for this. The only thing you can do is leave the game and log in again in order for it to start working. If we come up with a more elegant solution, we’ll be sure to share it with you. If you know a solution, share it with us in the comments!

Can’t Attack or Use Skills in Diablo 4

Unfortunately, this bug is well known to Diablo 4 players from Early access. We hopped that the Day 1 Patch will fix this issue, but it was not the case. So far, the only workaround is to restart the game. If the problem persists your only option is to contact Blizzard support.

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  1. L

    Confirmed, also related to TELEPORTing to a SHRINE(artillery)
    Turning in a QUEST COMPLETION seems to purge the bug also

  2. I

    Best way to resolve this bug without logging out is talking to an NPC that has dialogue options, somehow this resolves the bug. Only work around outside of outright logging out and back in.

    1. A
      A Gosunoom user

      can confirm talking to an npc with a dialogue works. this just happened to me while in a dungeon for no reason. i opened the map, teleported to the nearest city, talked to an npc and then took my portal back to the dungeon to resume. this bug really sucks

    2. T

      Do you remember which NPC you talked to get this to work?

      This bug is ridiculous. Game breaking bug. Im wasting my preorder time on this.

    3. F

      Thank you for this, this bug has happened to me twice, both times in a dungeon, and relogging resets the dang dungeon. I did find that you can still teleport to a town using the map, and talking to someone with dialogue options did the trick. Really didn’t want to waste 45 mins getting back to where I was in the dungeon.

  3. R

    yeaaa. this happened to me. i couldnt log in o

  4. D

    I can confirm, the fix is to talk to a person in town.

    Since I couldn’t use TP button to portal there, I opened world map and was able to portal selecting from the world map, then walked to a main town person with several talking points. Fixed it. Now I know I don’t have to leave game a restart to map over.

  5. B

    For me using portal to town -> jumping back into the portal -> left click attack -> right click attack also removes the bug.
    If I go for example shouts first and then directly to ww the bug slams right back.
    Sometimes I have to do this method 2-3 times before it stops occuring for a long while.

    Mostly getting it during monster encounters so not sure if it’s some glitch with shouts or whatever is causing the bug.

  6. C

    On Series X and S: This happened to friend on Series S. After trying all the other fixes and even running the account on another console to no avail, I went out into the wild and kept swapping weapons while in combat. After 3 weapon swaps from inventory the skills came back. Ported to town, re-logged and everything was fine.

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