Diablo 4 Claim Rewards Beta, Deluxe, Ultimate Edition

Like most modern video games, Diablo 4 features several different editions you can get. These come with a variety of cosmetic rewards that will allow you to customize your characters to an even greater degree. But given that these are not available right from the beginning of the game, a logical question arises – how and where can you claim these? Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with your game and you are going to have access to all of these very soon, as we are going to show you in our Diablo 4 Claim Rewards Beta, Deluxe, Ultimate Edition guide.

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Diablo 4 Claim Rewards Beta, Deluxe, Ultimate Edition
Diablo 4 Claim Rewards Beta, Deluxe, Ultimate Edition

How to Claim Diablo 4 Rewards for Beta, Deluxe, Ultimate Edition

As already mentioned, these rewards won’t be available to you as soon as you start playing Diablo IV. No, what you need to do is to progress through the game in order to unlock these. Luckily, you won’t have to do too much playing before this becomes an option. Namely, all that you have to do is to is to complete the Missing Pieces quest. This is the last quest in the Prologue, and the moment when the game really opens up in full. It’s only natural that the options such as cosmetics also become available after that.

All of your various rewards from the editions and the Beta (if you have played it, that is, and earned the Initial Casualty title, the Early Voyager title, and the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic item), are available in the Wardrobe. Note that this only applies to your characters’ cosmetics. As for your Mounts (such as the Light Bearer Mount, Caparison of Faith armor, Temptation mount, and Hellborn Carapace armor), you will be able to equip these in the Stables. This requires that you first complete the Donan’s Favor quest.

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