Diablo 4 Mount Locations, Donan's Favor

Finding out where to find Diablo 4 mount and stable masters locations is important because, well, having a horse makes things way easier. Trouble is, even if you run into a stables at some point in Act 1, you’ll find yourself unable to pick up a mount. In order to unlock your first mount you’ll have to Progress the campaign and complete Donan’s Favor guest. What the heck is going on? In this guide, we are going to show you where to find stable masters and how to unlock mounts in Diablo IV.

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diablo 4 mount locations stable masters
Diablo 4 Mount Locations, Donan’s Favor Quest

Where to find Diablo 4 Mount Locations, Donan’s Favor Quest

When it comes to Stable Masters and mount locations in Diablo 4, we have found only one so far. This guide is a work in progress; we’ll be sure to add more locations when we find them. Anyways, this Stable Master’s name is Miletka, and you can find her in the Sarkova Pass area of Fractured Peaks. Check out the screenshots below to see where she is. Now, with that said, it seems that you have to complete a quest in order to unlock access to mounts. Progress through the campaign until you get the mission called “Mount: Donan’s Favor.” Finishing it will grant you access to Diablo 4 horses. If you’ve found any other stables in your playthrough, let us know in the comments.

That’s all the information on where to find stable masters and mount locations in Diablo 4, as well as how to unlock access to them in general. One important thing we have to mention is that you won’t be able to use mounts during the beta. That’s because you can only play Act I, and Donan’s Favor quest is in Act 2. So, you can find Miletka and the stables, but you won’t be able to pick up a horse. It’s a bummer, since having a horse in Diablo 4 has a number of benefits, the most major of which is that riding is faster than walking. On top of that, mounts cannot be damaged (although you will be forced to dismount if successfully attacked). You can also attack from mounts with the right skills, and more.

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    Ya Mama

    Stable Master at Kyovashad is named Oskar.

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      Ya Mama

      Another Stable Master named Varya in Yelesna.

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