Coiling Ward Diablo 4, Salvage Legendary Bugged

In our Coiling Ward Diablo 4, Salvage Legendary Bugged guide, we are going to discuss the fact that salvaging legendaries for Coiling Wards doesn’t seem to be working properly. I mean, these items are rare, sure, but you’re not supposed to salvage multiple pieces of Legendary Armor without getting a single one. So, let’s try and figure out what the problem is.

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coiling ward diablo 4 salvage legendary bugged
Coiling Ward Diablo 4, Salvage Legendary Bugged

Coiling Ward Diablo 4, Salvaging Legendaries not Working

Before we get into why salvaging Legendaries for getting a Coiling Ward in Diablo 4 is not working, let’s explain what’s supposed to happen. As the item description reads, these are salvaged from (and used for the enhancing of) Legendary Armor. In fact, as far as we know salvaging Legendary Armor is the only way to get a Coiling Ward. If there are other ways of obtaining them, let us know in the comments. Either way, Coiling Wards are very rare. They are used, among other things, for imprinting Aspects on gear. You can read more about that in our How to Equip Aspects guide. However, people are reporting that they’ve salvaged many pieces of Legendary Armor, only to receive precisely zero Coiling Wards.

One thing’s for certain; getting a Diablo 4 Coiling Ward is not meant to be that rare, so it appears that salvaging Legendaries has some sort of bug. Well, I say that, but it could be that you actually need to be a specific character level or World Tier for Legendary armor to start dropping Coiling Wards when salvaged. We just don’t know at this point, and it’s difficult to ascertain since they’re so rare in the first place. If you have any theories of your own, let us know in the comments. So, our advice is, sadly, to hold off on breaking Legendaries for Coiling Wards alone until someone figures out what’s going on. Of course, we’ll be sure to update the guide as soon as we know more.

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    Stefan, Blizzard has removed that option now can no longer Salvage Legendary Armor to get Coiling Wards.
    Yet at the Occultist Blizzard still left how to get the Coiling Wards at the Blacksmith.
    So when your Character appears to be over level 40 no longer able to use Aspects so what is the point having them now…

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