Diablo 4 How to Equip Aspects

Knowing how to equip Aspects in Diablo 4 is important, since these are basically abilities that are really strong and useful. And it’s not like Aspects are super-easy to come across; you either have to get them from dungeons or sacrifice Legendary Items. So, how do you equip Aspects in Diablo IV, so that you can finally use them? Let’s find out!

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diablo 4 how to equip aspects
Diablo 4 How to Equip Aspects

How to Equip Aspects in Diablo 4

To equip Aspects in Diablo 4, you need to visit your closest Occultist. Those are the shops in whose icon is the triangle with circles on each angle. the first one you’re likely to run into is in Kyovashad. You can find his exact location in the images below. Talk to the occultist and, once in his store menu, you’ll find the Imprint Aspect tab. You then get to choose an item that you want to imbue with an Aspect, as well as which Aspect you will use. You’ll notice that there are two “avenues” here, the Codex of Power or an Aspect from your inventory. The former are Aspects you got for completing dungeons, and the latter are those you got extracting them from Legendaries at the occultist.

The next step to equip Diablo 4 Aspects is to just select the items you want to combine and place them into the right slots and complete the process. One thing we do have to mention here is that the prices are substantial and can include Veiled Crystals and Coiling Wards. And Gold, of course. If you can pay the price, though, you absolutely should. Having a good Legendary Aspect can make a huge difference. Now, as we’ve mentioned above, you can extract Aspects from Legendary Weapons (and other highest-tier gear) at the occultist. Just switch over to the second tab of the store menu. It costs a lot of Gold, but hey, Aspect! So, if you find a piece of gear that you find interesting, don’t salvage or sell. Take it to an occultist. Just remember that the Legendary will be destroyed.

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