Fix Diablo 4 Beta Crashing and Freezing Issues

If Diablo 4 keeps crashing, you should know you are not alone regarding this issue! Diablo 4 open beta is finally here. And while it comes with a lot of content to explore, it also comes with a number of issues. This is a brand new Diablo game, made with a new engine, and for the first time – as an open-world title. Given how massive the game’s open world is, even in the beta, some issues will happen for sure. In this guide, we provide a few possible solutions on how to fix Diablo IV crashing and freezing issues.

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Diablo 4 Crashing and Freezing Fix
Diablo IV Keeps Crashing Fix

How to Fix Diablo 4 Beta Crashing and Freezing Issues

Before we jump to solutions, we want to emphasize that the game is still in beta. The very purpose of Diablo 4 open beta is to test the game and find issues. Hence, Diablo 4 crashing, freezing, and other glitches are bound to happen. If you experience some of these issues, it is not the end of the world, as there are still around three months before the final release of the game. With that said, here’s what you can do to minimise chances for any potential issues.

Check Diablo 4 System Requirements

First things first, you’ll need to check Diablo 4 system requirements. This is to ensure that your PC can run Diablo 4 properly. If you are overestimating what your computer can do, you can run into a series of problems. Thus, set Diablo IV graphics settings accordingly to your PC’s specs. The lower you go, the fewer issues will have.

Diablo 4 Beta Troubleshooting

Install the Latest GPU Drivers

It goes without saying, but make sure that your graphics drivers are always up to date. Outdated drivers may cause numerous problems. You can check for the latest drivers via your GPU software. Alternatively, you can download them from the links below:

Deactivate 3rd Party Apps

Your RAM is not infinite. And more often than not, it is littered with all kinds of apps running in the background with no real purpose. Aside from wasting your memory, which could otherwise be utilized for Diablo 4, they may cause conflicts and other problems. This often results in poor gaming performance and sporadic Diablo 4 crashing. Thus, turn off all non-essential apps while playing Diablo 4 (or any other game).

Turn off Overlays

Many apps have in-game overlays with various features, such as streaming, chatting, system monitoring, or additional UI elements for specific games. No doubt that they are pretty helpful. However, they can sometimes cause problems. Thus, if Diablo 4 crashes, you should turn off all overlays, such as Steam overlay, Discord overlay, Nvidia or AMD overlay, etc.

Use Scan and Repair

If you’ve preloaded Diablo 4, there might have been some updates which were additionally installed. If that’s the case, there might be some missing or corrupted files, which often happens after big patches and updates. The best thing you can do to check if everything is fine with Diablo 4 Beta files is to use the “Scan and Repair” feature on the launcher.

  • Open the Diablo 4 homepage in the client.
  • Click on a blue cog icon next to the “Play” button.
  • From the menu, select “Scan and repair”.
Reinstall Diablo 4

If none of the above solutions helps and the problem persists, then uninstall and reinstall Diablo 4.

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