Village Square Locked Drawer Key Resident Evil 4 Remake

In the RE4 Remake, you will come across a locked drawer in the village square. This house is one of the first ones that you can enter and explore in the village. Naturally, when you see this locked drawer, you’re going to be wondering where the key to unlock it can be found. Well, the answer may not be obvious at first, which is why we have decided to write this guide and explain exactly where the village square locked drawer key is located in the Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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Village Square Locked Drawer Key Resident Evil 4 Remake
Village Square Locked Drawer Key Resident Evil 4 Remake

RE4 Remake Village Square Locked Drawer Key Location

First things first – you won’t be able to find this key until you have reached Chapter 2 of the RE4 Remake. There’s no need to go around searching for it before then, since it’s simply not available before Chapter Two in the game. So continue playing the game until the second chapter. Also, note that we have marked all these locations in the screenshot gallery below, so you can easily know exactly where to go. In any case, once you reach Chapter 2, head towards the Village Chief’s Manor and enter this location. On the ground floor there, you are going to see a room with a big chandelier and a table. In the corner of that room, there is a sofa and next to it, a drawer. Approach it and you will see that there is a Small Key on top of it.

This is the key that you are looking for. Take it and go back to the house with the locked drawer. Interact with it and you will get the option to use the small key there. Once you have opened the previously-locked drawer, you are going to discover a Vintage Compass inside. This is an item that is worth 8,000 Ptas. All in all, not a bad reward.

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