Diablo 4 Error After Making Character, Code 300202, 300008

In our Diablo 4 Error After Making Character, Code 300202, 300008 guide, we are going to explain what the most likely cause of the error is. We are also going to tell you about the one fix that seems to work, however not ideal it may be. Obviously, feel free to share any of your fixes in the comments. With that said, let’s dive in.

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diablo 4 error after making character code 300202 300008
Diablo 4 Error After Making Character, Code 300202, 300008

Error After Making Character, Code 300202, 300008 in Diablo 4

The Diablo 4 error code 300202 and 300008 happen after making your character, as we’ve already made clear. They crop up after you’ve completed the character creation and hit the play button. Fortunately, neither error takes you back to the beginning of the character creation, just back to the “Start Game” screen. It’s easy to try again. The problem is that the cause of both errors is that the servers are swamped, so there’s nothing you can do short of trying over and over. That said, there is one solution that has worked for some players, apparently. It is to start the game without customizing your character at all. It’s not a guaranteed fix, but it’s worth a shot. The beta progress will wipe anyway, as far as we know, so who cares what you look like?

So, that’s the only solution for the code 300202 or 300008 error that appears after making your character in Diablo 4. Obviously, when it’s time for the full release, you shouldn’t start the game with a default character. If you encounter the error then, your only solution will be to keep hitting that “Start Game” button until the cows come home or the game allows you in, whichever comes first. We can only hope that Activision Blizzard will beef the servers up by June 6th. If you need help with something else in Diablo 4, check out our other guides, like Beta Stuck on Authentication Pending Issue, Beta Voice Chat Not Working, and How to Get Diablo 4 Beta Rewards.

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