Diablo 4 Voice Chat Not Working

If Diablo 4 voice chat is not working, don’t panic! The long-awaited early access is here! Friends around the world are taking Fridays off in order to jump into the game and enjoy the Diablo 4 EA weekend. However, some co-op fans have noticed that in-game voice chat is having some issues. Why is this so, and can it be fixed? Here’s what we know about this.

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Diablo 4 Beta Voice Chat Not Working

Voice Chat Not Working Diablo 4

Let’s not beat around the bush and cut straight to the chase. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do here. Namely, the developers at Blizzard Entertainment have already confirmed before the launch that issues with the in-game voice chat are to be expected. Blizzard has provided a list of “current issues” during the early access weekend. And one of them, listed under “in-game voice chat problems” simply states that “in-game voice chat may not function correctly for all players.” They haven’t provided exact information on what these problems may be or how to fix them.

And that’s about all we can say on this topic, honestly. For now, if you are experiencing any of these issues with the voice chat in Diablo 4, we advise you to use some other means of voice communication. For example, Discord or Teamspeak. Or, if you are all playing via Battle.net, you can use the chat function of the client, which is independent of Diablo 4. Nonetheless, we will follow the situation closely and make sure to update the article with any new information regarding voice chat issues in Diablo IV. If you know how to fix in-game voice chat problems in Diablo 4, share solutions with us in the comments! With that said, our “Diablo 4 Voice Chat Not Working” article is completed.

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