Your Account is Currently Locked, Diablo 4 Error 395002

Are you getting Diablo 4 Error Code 395002 message? If you are getting scared by the “Diablo 4 Your Account is Currently Locked” error message, don’t be! Currently, many players are getting the same message while playing Diablo 4. Read on as we explore why this is happening and whether it can be fixed.

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Diablo 4 Error Code 395002, Your Account is Currently Locked
Diablo 4 Your Account is Currently Locked

Diablo 4 Your Account is Currently Locked Error Code 395002 Explained

Let’s not beat around the bush here. The good news is that you don’t need to worry; nothing will happen with your account. Despite the error message saying that “Your Account is Currently Locked”. So, why are you then receiving Diablo 4 Error Code 395002? Well, the simple truth is that the servers are currently overwhelmed by a massive number of players trying to jump into the game and play Diablo IV. Fans around the world have been waiting for years to play the game finally, and now when Diablo 4 is available, everyone wants to jump into it immediately.

So, what is the solution here? Precisely what the error message says to you: “Please wait a few minutes and try again”. Although, we argue that you will need to wait more than just a few minutes, as the servers are overcrowded, and this error will continue to happen until the pressure on the server eases. Hence, the best course of action here is to try to play the game again in an hour or two. If you continue getting this message even after a couple of hours, then you should contact Blizzard customer support and explain the issue. They should be able to resolve the problem. With that said, our “Diablo 4 Error Code 395002, Your Account is Currently Locked” guide is completed. Have fun during Diablo IV early access weekend!

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