Diablo 4 Fenris Error Application has Detected an Unexpected Error

The Diablo 4 Fenris Error that comes with the message that says, “The application has detected an unexpected error”, is one of the most frequent since the game’s release. Diablo IV Fenris Error freezes and closes the game after just a few minutes of gameplay. What’s causing this, and can it be fixed?

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Diablo 4 Fenris Error Application has Detected an Unexpected Error
Diablo 4 the Application has Detected an Unexpected Error

Diablo 4 Fenris Error the Application has Detected an Unexpected Error

Since the release of Diablo 4 in early access this Thursday, countless players are reporting the same issue. They are constantly getting the Diablo 4 Fenris Error, which freezes and crashes the game with various codes. “Whether I’m playing for 1 min or 30 min, my game will crash to desktop giving me the Fenris Error, and a long code to use for communicating with Blizzard,” says player Fabled. “I have uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, I’ve googled it and tried the solution everyone else had, turned the graphics down, switched to 1080p from 1440p, checked my drivers, etc. And it still crashes.”

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, nothing seems to provenly fixes this obnoxious issue. Players suffering from Diablo 4 Fenris Error have tried all kinds of standard troubleshooting methods to fix the problem, and nothing works. Updating Windows, updating GPU drivers, reinstalling the game, and they are still getting the “Application has Detected an Unexpected Error” message.

However, Battle.net user Obivan2 has proposed a possible solution. “Update your BIOS and adjust the RAM speed. Sometimes there can be instability issues with older BIOS versions or an issue with XMP settings for RAM,” he wrote. “I was having some crashes at WoW after buying this new PC, and now it’s fixed, I guess. It was all about XMP and ram speed for me.” Another player, that goes by the name DarkDevil, claims that “what’s making the game crash is the adaptive sync on one of your monitors, you need to put it off on your monitor’s settings”. For now, these two options are the only possible solutions that we’re aware of. If you know any other fixes for the Diablo 4 Fenris Error, please, share them with us in the comments section!

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  1. N
    Nick Morris

    Having the same issues. None kf those have worked so far. Hered what I’ve done.
    In re-install battle.bet
    Reinstall d4
    Set monitors to 60hz
    1080p or 1440
    Windowed or windowless modes
    Dynamic shadows on or off
    Environment lighting effects on or off
    Different NVME
    Added Diablo to windows firewall exception list
    Dissable XMP profile
    No gpu or cpu OC

    1. A

      did you learn a fix im having the issues kicks me out everyitme fenris error

  2. A

    For me I Updated BIOS, AMD 6800 RX driver, and reinstalled the game. Main issue was XMP for me. I disabled it in BIOS but now my memory is running at minimum 🙁 But I can play the game at Ultra 2k now with high resolution and FINALLY no crashes of any sort. Hope the XMP gets addressed soon. I want to be able to use XMP to optimally use my RAM!

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