Diablo 4 Black Lake Crossing Over Quest Missing

Once you have completed the “Fledgling Scholar” Act 1 Main Quest in Diablo 4, Neyrelle will mention to go back to Black Lake and this is where the Crossing Over Main Quest is supposed to then start. But what to do if the Crossing Over is not triggering and you can’t start it? There’s actually a good reason why this is happening, and we are going to provide the solution to the Diablo 4 Black Lake Crossing Over Quest missing problem right here in our guide.

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Diablo 4 Black Lake Crossing Over Quest Missing
Diablo 4 Black Lake Crossing Over Quest Missing

How to Start Diablo 4 Black Lake Crossing Over Quest

In short, the issue here is that, to get the Crossing Over to start, you will first need to complete all of the previous Act 1 Main Quests before it. This includes all of the following: III Tidings, Tarnished Luster, The Knight and the Magpie, Undertaking, Below, In Her Wake, Storming the Gates, The Cost of Knowledge, Light’s Guidance, Kor Valar, Pilgrimage, Light’s Judgement, Light’s Protection, Wayward, Shroud of the Horadrim, and, of course, Fledgling Scholar.

Once all of these quests are complete, the “Crossing Over” quest should then become available. So make your way to the Mistral Woods and the mining camp at Pine Hill. Once you arive there, go underground and speak with Neyrelle there. Next, go to Black Lake and follow her instructions. Once you get to the place where you fought Vhenard, talk to Neyrelle again. This is where the ritual is going to be conducted. Luckily, it is going to be successful. A bridge is then going to be revealed and you can then proceed with your hunt for Lilith. Before you cross it, however, be sure to speak with Neyrelle one last time. She will tell you that she is staying behind and that you need to continue your adventures without her.

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