Find Left Eye Diablo 4 Wrack and Ruin

Wrack and Ruin is a Main Quest in Act V in Diablo 4. It consists of several objectives. First you need to find the town of Yngovani, and after that the temple in Yngovani. Here, you will see a strange engraved stone door that you need to investigate. It will turn out that this snake statue is missing its eyes. No doubt this is the way to open it. And while one of these eyes is easy enough to find, some players are having trouble finding the left eye location, which doesn’t seem to spawn, due to some bug. So how can you find the left eye for the Diablo 4 Wrack and Ruin quest? We have all the information right here, so read on to find out.

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Find the Left Eye Diablo 4 Wrack and Ruin
Find Left Eye Diablo 4 Wrack and Ruin

Diablo 4 Wrack and Ruin Left Eye Location

Once you interact with the statue, you will get two new objectives for the Wrack and Ruin quest. These are to find the left eye and to find the right eye. Now, the important thing here is that you need to find right eye first! It looks like there’s a bug that will prevent both of these spawning if you go after the left one before the right one. Both eyes are going to be marked on your map, and the right eye is located to the south. Make sure that you go there first, otherwise the quest can bug out.

Once you have the right eye, it will then be safe to proceed north and go after the left eye as well. Once you have both eyes in your possession, go back to the stone snake door and insert both of them into its eye sockets. Doing this will then complete the Wrack and Ruin Main Quest in Diablo 4.

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