Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul Farming

Diablo 4 offers a whole bunch of endgame content for players to enjoy once they have beaten the game. Among the many, many things in store for high-level players looking for a challenge are also so-called Forgotten Souls. This is a new type of crafting material that is going to allow you to upgrade your gear so that it is even more powerful. Which you will definitely need, as you’ll be going against significantly stronger baddies. Because of this, you’ll want to get your hands on as many Forgotten Souls as possible. But how to get Forgotten Souls, and what is the best Forgotten Soul faming method and location in Diablo 4? Our guide is here to answer all of these questions and more.

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Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul Farming
Diablo 4 Forgotten Soul Farming

How to Farm Forgotten Soul Diablo 4

The only way you can get Forgotten Souls is from Helltide Events. These are special events that become available once you have beaten the game and unlocked World Tier 3: Nightmare and completed the Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon. They are randomized events that will occur from time to time and which result in an entire region of the game being taken over by Lilith’s demon army.

Once this happens, there are two ways here to get Forgotten Souls. The first method is to look for Screaming Hell Veins. These are ore deposits which can contain Forgotten Souls. The second method is to open Helltide Mystery Chests. We have a complete map of all the Helltide Mystery Chest locations in Diablo 4. However, note that the odds of you getting Forgotten Souls is pretty low for both of these methods. You’re no doubt asking how to get more Forgotten Souls in Diablo 4. Well, the only way is to complete as many Helltide events as you possibly can and hope that you get lucky with the RNG.

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