Diablo 4 The Blind Eye Bug, Find the Way Out

The Blind Eye is one of the final Main Quests in Diablo 4. It begins immediately after the previous quest, Light Extinguished, and during The Blind Eye, you are going to be stuck in a Nightmare, from which you will then need to find the way out. And while this is usually pretty straightforward to do, players have been getting a bug here which prevents them from finishing this quest. If you are also getting The Blind Eye Bug in Diablo 4 where you can’t find the way out and are looking for a way to fix this – we have something that you can try to resolve this right here.

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Diablo 4 The Blind Eye Bug, Find the Way Out
Diablo 4 The Blind Eye Bug, Find the Way Out

Diablo 4 The Blind Eye, Find the Way Out Bug Possible Solutions

The goal here is to find the Sightless Eye, so that you can free yourselves from the Nightmare. To do this, you are going to have to run around this nightmare area, defeating enemies, until you have found your way out. At certain points here, you will have to make a jump from one spot to another. The only problem here is that, for some players, this option is missing. Which means that they cannot progress through this quest and finish it. So, is there anything you can do to fix this Diablo 4 The Blind Eye Bug?

What you should try out to fix this is to leave the game and then re-enter it. Do not teleport to the nearest waypoint and then run back, since this will not work. But if you leave and rejoin, you will be placed right outside the Sightless Eye and you’ll only need to do the Nightmare portion of the quest, instead of the entire thing. Keep trying it like this, and it should eventually work and you’ll be able to find the way out.

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