Diablo 4 Invisible Walls Act 3 Bug, Can’t Progress Campaign Quest

Invisible Walls in Diablo 4 Act 3 are making many players lose their patience during the early access weekend. The next iteration of the legendary action RPG is now finally available. Unfortunately, players cannot progress quests and the Diablo IV Act III campaign due to invisible walls in Dry Steppes, Bluff of Olzen, Bastard’s Pass, The Onyx Watchtower, and other locations. Here’s what we know about it.

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Diablo 4 Invisible Walls Act 3 Bug, Can’t Progress Campaign Quest
Diablo IV Invisible Walls Act 3

Diablo 4 Invisible Walls in Act III, Can’t Progress Quests and Campaign

Despite having three beta weekends, Diablo IV has unfortunately launched in a rather buggy state. Some of those bugs are minor, some are just funny, while others, like not being able to use skills, are absolutely gaming-breaking. Another such game-breaking bug is Diablo 4 Invisible Walls in Act 3. As reported by numerous players, these invisible obstacles are appearing all around Act III, and are preventing players from progressing their quests and campaigns.

“A3 is getting buggier by the minute,” complains a player named Colossal. “More and more invisible walls, and I’ve seen at least close to 15 other players all getting stuck just outside main town, not being able to proceed. Re-logging, going back to town nothing helps. Can’t even proceed at all.”

Unfortunately, as stated by Colossal and other players, nothing seems to fix this serious issue. Teleporting to other hubs will not fix it. The usual log-out-and-back-in trick doesn’t work as well. These invisible walls appear everywhere. There’s one from “Bastard’s Pass” to “Wayfarer’s Folly”, which doesn’t let people pass through. One player reported that he got stuck after clearing Outpost and “stuck on an invisible wall to go to Gruul” to do a quest Act 3″.

“I’m doing an Act 3 quest called Through the dark glass,” reports player Har8inger. “Trying to travel from Kotama Grasslands to Khargai Crags but there’s an invisible wall.” For now, all you can do is wait for Blizzard to release an update and patch out these problems. If you know any workarounds that can fix this issue, please – share them with us in the comments section!

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