Diablo 4 Unlock Kor Valar Ramparts

Not sure how to unlock the Kor Valar Ramparts dungeon in Diablo 4? This dungeon was one of the more popular ones during the open beta in the Fractured Peaks region. However, many players are having trouble finding it in the fully released game.

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Unlock Kor Valar Ramparts Diablo IV

How to Unlock Kor Valar Ramparts Dungeon in Diablo 4

The Kor Valar Ramparts Dungeon was one of the more popular dungeons during the Diablo IV open beta. Situated in Fractured Peaks (Kor Valar), it rewards players with the Blast-Trapper’s Legendary Aspect for Rogues. Of course, after they defeat the Knight Council boss. However, to the surprise of many players during the early access weekend, it seems that this dungeon is nowhere to be found.

“I have completed act one and completed act two, both fully collecting the altars and what not, somehow I don’t have Kor Valar Ramparts available at all,” says Battle.net user Scythe. “This is particularly annoying due to it being a Rogue legendary I want. Is there any possible reason for this, bearing in mind that I’ve completed act one?”

At first players speculated that it was removed from the final version of the game completely. Others believed that there was some side quest which we had to complete as a condition for the Kor Valar Ramparts dungeon to unlock. But luckily for all of us, we finally discovered that there are no secret requirements for unlocking this dungeon. According to reddit user giHefca, you will have to complete not just Act 1 in Fractured Peaks but the entire story campaign. Once you complete the campaign, the dungeon will unlock.

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    David Lafferty

    It would appear that you need to complete the entire campaign for the Kor Valar Ramparts to unlock.

  2. B

    Damn yes, thats an error i think. Reported to Billizard and hope for an update.

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