Diablo 4 Legendary Items Farming Locations

In our Diablo 4 Legendary Items Farming Locations guide, we are going to point you towards some good places for obtaining the most powerful gear. Figuring out how to get Legendaries with any degree of certainty is always important in Diablo games, and IV is no different. That being the case, let’s talk about how you can earn powerful gear with some efficiency.

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diablo 4 legendary items farming locations
Diablo 4 Legendary Items Farming Locations

Where to Farm Legendary Items in Diablo 4

Before we get into the locations good for farming Legendary Items in Diablo 4, we have to mention that there’s always an element of luck. There’s never really such a thing as a guaranteed Legendary when it comes to farming for them. That said, there are certain “activities” that do offer better chances of getting high-level items, especially on higher World Tiers. One of them is the Hold Your Ground world event. You can find it northwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint, in Fractured Peak. It scales with your level, and you can reactivate it every few minutes by teleporting back to town. Another good place is south of the Bear Tribe Refuge, in Malnok. It’s called Anica’s Claim Dungeon and it’s crawling with Animus Carriers, which always drop awesome gear.

Those are the two really good locations for farming Legendary Items in Diablo 4. If you have any other paces that worked well for you, let us all know in the comments. One more tip that we do have to mention is that it also pays to get as many codexes through doing class-specific dungeons. Using them on yellow items turns said items into Legendaries. You can read more about codexes in our Barbarian Legendary Aspects, Rogue Legendary Aspects and Sorcerer Legendary Aspects. We also have a bunch of other Diablo 4 guides if you need them.

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