Diablo 4 Maximum Number of Active Side Quests Limit

Is there a maximum number of active side quests in Diablo 4? For the very first time in the history of Diablo, Blizzard brings the open-world concept to the series in Diablo IV. And this means a whole lot of side quests. Check out what is the side quest limit in Diablo IV.

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Diablo 4 Maximum Number of Active Side Quests Limit
Diablo 4 Active Side Quests Limit (Image Credit: u/Moosplauze via Reddit)

Diablo 4 Side Quests Limit, Maximum Number of Active Side Quests

As a completely open-world game with seamless transition between major zones, Diablo IV gives by far the most freedom on how you want to play the game compared to the previous titles in the series. It’s up to you where you want to go, what quests you want to work on, and at what pace. However, this can often lead to being overwhelmed with new side quests as you pick them up along the way. Hence, is there a side quest limit in your Diablo 4 journal?

As it turns out, there is currently a limit on how much active side quests you can have. The Diablo 4 maximum number of active side quests limit is 20. Once you have 20 active side quests in your journal, you won’t be able to accept new ones until you free up some space by completing some of the current quests that are occupying space in your journal.

While this is an unnecessary but fairly reasonable limit, some players are unhappy with its existence. “Especially annoying considering some of the quests seem to have weird triggers, I’ve returned to areas and the quest giver is gone after clearing up my log,” says ssjmatthew. Some players speculate that the reason behind this is because of the quest markers on the map. They always appear. Hence, if you have too many active quests, the map would be filled with blue circles overlapping each other.

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