Where to Find Coconuts in Fortnite Summer Escape Event 2023

Not sure where to find Coconuts in Fortnite for the Summer Escape Event 2023 challenges? The Fortnite Summer Escape 2023 event has just kicked off, filled to the brim with exciting content, new challenges and free rewards. Read on to learn about Coconut, Apple, and Banana locations in Fortnite.

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Where to Find Coconuts in Fortnite Summer Escape Event 2023

Where to Find Coconut, Apple, Banana Locations in Fortnite Summer Escape 2023 Event

As a part of the “Summer Escape” quests and challenges in Fortnite Battle Royale Chapter 4 Season 3, players have a task to “Collect an Apple, Banana & Coconut”. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, many players don’t actually know where to find these fruit. In particular, it seems that many are having trouble locating coconuts. So, where to find Coconut, Apple, and Banana locations in the Fortnite Summer Escape 2023 Event?

If you are stuck searching for these items, you simply need to look for them inside Produce Boxes. Just like in real life, these Produce Boxes are full of fresh ingredients in the form of various fruits and vegetables. Produce Boxes are scattered throughout Fortnite Island, and you can find them everywhere. They are small cardboard loot containers with green lids. Interact with them, and you will randomly find some fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it can be something like corn or cabbages. These can help in restoring your health. However, for the purpose of the Fortnite Summer Escape Event 2023, you will need to find an apple, banana, and coconut.

Produce Boxes can be found all around the island. However, one of the better places to look for them is in Shady Stilt. Once you find a Produce Box, simply interact with it and hope to get lucky and find what you need! Finally, complete all the quests in Fortnite Summer Escape Event 2023, and grab these rewards:

  1. Wild Fronds Back Bling – Unlock by completing 14 Summer Escape Quests.
  2. Bugzy Glider – Earn by completing 18 Summer Escape Quests.
  3. Toasted Coconut Emote – Obtain by completing 24 Summer Escape Quests.
  4. Summer Escape Loading Screen –  A reward for participating in the event.
  5. Nanners Wrap – Report back to Purradise Meowscles to receive the Nanners Wrap.
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