Diablo 4 No Voice in Cinematics, Cutscenes Missing Sounds

If Diablo 4 cinematics are missing voice acting, don’t worry; you’re not the only person with this issue. The Diablo IV open beta weekend is here, and everyone will finally have a chance to try the beta. Unfortunately, they will also see some bugs, like the missing dialogue sounds in cutscenes. Read on as we explain why there is no voice in Diablo 4 cinematics.

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Diablo 4 No Voice in Cinematics, Cutscenes Missing Sounds

Diablo 4 Beta No Voice in Cinematics, Cutscenes Missing Dialogue Sounds

One of the things Blizzard is best know for is the studio’s absolutely stunning cinematics, with gorgeous animations, rich details, epic music and characters. And, of course, impeccable voice acting. In Diablo 4, this is elevated to another level thanks to the modern engine, which allows a cinematic experience to be created even with in-engine cutscenes. All in all, the cinematics and cutscenes in Diablo 4 look incredible, and they add much to the whole experience and the overall immersion. However, there’s one thing that’s currently missing. Namely, many players have immediately noticed that there’s no voice in many cinematics. Diablo 4 cutscenes have dialogues, but no voice acting can be heard. Is this a bug? If yes, how can you fix it? If not, why is it like that? Read on to find out.

Fortunately, the answer is quite simple here. Namely, there are still three months left until the full release of the game. Thus, many of the voice lines for cinematics and cutscenes are simply not yet recorded. If you are familiar with the process of game development, you are probably aware that voice acting usually comes near the end of the production. This is due to possible changes in dialogues so that there’s no need for re-recording if something gets a last-minute change. So there you have it; that’s why there is no voice in some Diablo 4 cutscenes in the beta. Those voice lines are yet to be recorded.

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