Diablo 4 Pilgrim's Footsteps, Follow Pilgrim's Journey

If you can’t figure out how to follow the pilgrim’s journey in the Diablo 4 Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest, you’re not the only one. The quest’s description is not exactly overly helpful, even if the journal that begins it does give you a proper hint. Either way, it seems a lot of people are getting stuck on this one. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here’s how to complete the Pilgrim’s Footsteps in Diablo IV.

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diablo 4 pilgrims footsteps follow pilgrims journey
Diablo 4 Pilgrim’s Footsteps, Follow Pilgrim’s Journey

Diablo 4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps, Follow the Pilgrim’s Journey Side Quest

To complete the Pilgrim’s Footsteps side quest in Diablo 4, the game tells you that you need to “follow the pilgrim’s journey,” which is incredibly vague. It sounds like you’ll have to go on a huge, sprawling pilgrimage yourself, but that’s actually not the case. If you pay close attention to the journal that begins the quest, it will tell you what you actually need to do. It reads: “Walk the road of faith to a lone desert chapel. Stand at Akarat’s feet, follow his example, and be rewarded.” If you don’t know where the journal is, take a look a the first of the two screenshots below; it’s in the west of Kehjistan, in the Searing Expanse. After you’ve picked the quest up, track it and go to the location on the map.

To finish the Follow the Pilgrim’s Journey side quest step in Diablo 4 The Pilgrim’s Footsteps, head straight for the quest marker. When you get near, head up the steps but do not go through the large door into the main church. Instead, go into the side building, which is where you’ll find the statue of Akarat. The place is called Zakarum Chapel, by the way. Anyways, stand in front of the statue and use the Follow emote from the wheel (you summon it by pressing E on PC). If you don’t have it equipped, use the Customize option under the wheel. As soon as you use the Follow emote in front of the statue, the Boon of the Faithful chest on the right will unlock. Open it to collect your rewards and complete the quest.

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