Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients Bug, Slay Cychrach and Gharl Fix

In our Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients Bug, Slay Cychrach and Gharl Fix guide, we will talk about two common glitches that players encounter during this quest. Both of them can happen at two key points in the mission, just as you emerge victorious against powerful enemies. That only serves to make matters more frustrating. So, what can you do about these bugs? Let’s talk about it.

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diablo 4 call of the ancients bug slay cychrach and gharl fix
Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients Bug, Slay Cychrach and Gharl Fix

Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients Bugged, Slay Cychrach and Gharl Bug Fix

The first Diablo 4 Call of the Ancients bug we will talk about is the one that happens when you need to slay Gharl. The problem arises due to the fact that you can end Gharl’s life before you get the specific quest step to do so. This confuses the game mightily, and instead of just letting you proceed, it locks your progress. The fix for this is to abandon the quest, change the World Tier to reset it (you can change it right back afterwards) and take the quest again. Go through the whole thing once again, but make sure not to engage with Gharl until the game tells you so. Well, I suppose you can fight him off if absolutely necessary, but for the sake of your sanity, do not kill him.

The next Call of the Ancients bug in Diablo 4 you might encounter is at the step where you need to slay Cychrach. This issue happens if you’re playing with a friend and one of you dies just before the other person manages to kill the boss. You will get the credit for the victory, but you won’t be able to proceed to the end of the quest. Unfortunately, we don’t know how to fix this one. Going through the same motions described above doesn’t work reliably. If you know of any workaround, let us know in the comments. You’ll save both us and many other fellow demon slayers a huge headache.

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