Diablo 4 A Price to Pay, Book of Folk Remedies Location

In our Diablo 4 A Price to Pay, Book of Folk Remedies Location guide, we are going to explain where you need to search homes to find the item, as well as what the book is actually called. Yes, you might think you’re looking for something actually called Book of Folk Remedies, but nope. It has a completely different name, which makes the quest unnecessarily more difficult. So, where is this tome of knowledge? Let’s talk about it.

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diablo 4 a price to pay book of folk remedies location
Diablo 4 A Price to Pay, Book of Folk Remedies Location

Search Homes for Book of Folk Remedies Diablo 4 A Price to Pay

To complete the Search Homes for Book of Folk Remedies step in the Diablo 4 A Price to Pay side quest, you need to go to one of the houses in the town of Zarbinzet. It’s at the easternmost point of the search area. To see exactly where it is, check out our screenshots below. When you walk into this house, you’ll find a room with three people huddled in a corner, near a large fireplace. There’s a book on the shelf to the left of the fireplace, and it’s called Wejinhani Dispensatory. Interact with it, and you’ll find out that it’s “an ancient book describing the medicinal uses of common flora and fauna found in Hawezar. One chapter describes a cure for ‘tainted blood’ that requires venom from a spider found only in the Blind Burrows.”

And there you have it, that’s the book of folk remedies you need to complete the Diablo 4 A Price to Pay quest. After you pick it up, the next step is to go and collect the spider venom. The game will give you a waypoint on the map to follow, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. After you collect enough venom, go back to the entrance to the dungeon and talk to Aneta. You got it from there. By the way, this quest is a direct continuation of the Heretic quest, where you need to find Aneta.

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