GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Vehicles Full List

Looking for a complete list of all cars in the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update? The latest content update for GTA Online is here, and fans around the world are ready to jump in. As always, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into, but fans are usually the most excited about the new vehicles. Hence, read on to find the complete list of GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries vehicles.

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GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Vehicles Full List

San Andreas Mercenaries Vehicles Complete List in GTA Online

The newest GTA Online update is all about private military companies and dogs of war. Called San Andreas Mercenaries, this update introduces a variety of new story missions, items, gameplay features and improvements. The theme of the update is aerial dog fights against Merryweather Security, a group of corrupted and shady killers for hire. To help in that venture, you will join forces with the veteran aircraft mechanic and ace pilot Charlie Reed. Reed’s Los Santos Angels are a group of seasoned aviators and guns-for-hire, and together with them, you will rule the sky! However, what awesome aircraft will you use in the mission? Check out the complete list of currently known GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Vehicles below:

  • Grotti Itali GTO Stinger – $$2,380,000 (Legendary Motorsports)
  • Vapid Clique Wagon – $1,205,000 (SSASA)
  • Maibatsu Montrociti – $1,485,000 (SSASA)
  • Vapid Ratel – $1,873,000 (SSASA)
  • F-160 Raiju – $6,855,000 – $5,141,250 Trade Price – (Warstock)
  • Streamer 215 – $2,238,000 (Warstock)
  • Weaponized Conada: – $3,385,000

UPDATE: The list is now updated based on the released version of the patch. However, keep in mind that this list is a placeholder. Namely, it is based on datamining and cars pulled out from the update’s trailer. Hence, we are yet to add the exact models and names. Furthermore, there will probably be more vehicles, as not every model has been datamined or shown in the trailer. With that said, make sure to return as we will update the article as soon as the update rolls out, and we have the complete list of all GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries Vehicles.

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