Diablo 4 Respec Explained

Can you respec in Diablo IV? Fans worldwide will finally have a chance to play the long-awaited fourth sequel to the legendary action RPG series. Given the sheer complexity of the game, some mistakes are bound to happen while you build your character. Luckily, the Diablo 4 respec feature will allow you to quickly and easily reset and refund your skills. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Respec in Diablo 4 Explained
Diablo 4 Respec Explained

How to Respec Skills and Ranks in Diablo 4

Given the complexity of the new skills and passives system, players will no doubt make some mistakes and wrong choices for their builds. Luckily, if you ever make a mistake or you feel that you can optimize your build better, there’s the Diablo 4 Respec system. This time around, it will not be necessary to visit a specific NPC in order to respec. Rather, you will be able to respec directly from your skill tree. Diablo 4 offers the option to respec and reset skills by simply opening the Skill Tree and pressing the “Refund All” button at the bottom of the skill tree. This will immediately reset your skill tree, and you will get back all your skill points.

What’s even more convenient with the new system is that you don’t need to respec everything if you don’t want. Rather, you are also able to reset skills on a point-by-point basis. Each skill point spent on a skill, skill rank, upgrade, or passive bonus can be separately refunded. To do this, select or hover over a skill and then right-click on it to refund a skill point.

How Much Respec Costs in Diablo 4

Of course, respeccing is not free in Diablo 4; you will need to pay for it with gold. At the start of the game, respec is free until Level 7. After that, the price of a single Skill Point refund will gradually go up with each new level. At some point on higher levels, respec costs will become extremely expensive. Blizzard states that this is because they want “your choices to matter” and players to value the time and effort spent on building a character.

The idea is for respec to be affordable at lower levels when you are experimenting and making mistakes but to be significantly harder to do it in later stages of the game. Finally, when it comes to respeccing your stats and attributes, this is not currently available. You will only be able to respec your skill points in Diablo 4, not your stats.

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