Search for Clues About Labrat's Kidnappers GTA Online

In our Search for Clues About Labrat’s Kidnappers GTA Online guide, we are going to show you where to find the clues in the Usual Suspects mission. We will also show you where the Elysian Island warehouse is. That’s where all the clues are scattered around. Here we go.

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search for clues about labrats kidnappers gta online
Search for Clues About Labrat’s Kidnappers GTA Online

Where to Search for Clues about Labrat’s Kidnappers in GTA Online Usual Suspects

To search for the clues about Labrat’s kidnappers in the GTA Online Usual Suspects mission, you first have to find the correct warehouse on Elysian Island. As it turns out, you need to go to the Walker Logistics warehouse. If you don’t know where that is, take a gander at the screenshots below. Hack the lock and go inside. You now have to find and photograph five different clues. I don’t know if you have to do them in any particular order, so I’ll just guide you through it the way we did it. The first clue is a clipboard on a workbench in the southwest corner of the building, as shown in the image below.

The second of five clues about you need to search for Labrat’s kidnappers in GTA Online Usual Suspects is the corkboard on the southwestern side of the warehouse. It’s on the wall behind the tarp-covered cars and has two white sofas turned towards it. You can’t miss this one. The third clue is an open crate full of chemicals and other stuff. It’s on the opposite side of the warehouse from the corkboard. Clue #4 is the large stockpile of weapons and ammo in green crates in the middle of the building. The fifth and final clue is a black binder on a small workbench next to two car seats on the northern wall of the warehouse. You need to photograph all five clues and send them to Dax. Just keep in mind that goons will periodically attack you, so be prepared to fight.

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