Rite of Passage Diablo 4, Holy Cedar Tablets

Rite of Passage is a main story quest in Diablo 4. As such, every player is going to need to complete it in order to advance the main story. However, at a certain point in this quest, you are going to be asked to inscribe a sin on one of the Holy cedar tablets and toss it into a brazier to burn your sin. This sin can be fear, anger, pride, or greed. So which sin should you choose and is there any difference or long-term consequence regarding this choice? We are going to tell you everything you need to know about the Diablo 4 Rite of Passage quest and which sin to inscribe – fear, anger, pride, or greed.

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Diablo 4 Rite of Passage, Inscribe Fear, Anger, Pride, Greed
Diablo 4 Rite of Passage, Holy Cedar Tablets – Inscribe Fear, Anger, Pride, Greed

Diablo 4 Rite of Passage, What to Inscribe Into the Holy Cedar Tablets – Fear, Anger, Pride, or Greed?

During the Rite of Passage quest where you need to escort Lorath Nahr, you will be stopped by a guard in front of Kyovashad. This guard will refuse to let you go inside until you have performed a cleansing ritual. The cleansing ritual requires that you take a Holy cedar tablet, inscribe it with one of your sins, and then ritually burn this sin by tossing it into the fire. You have several choices here, and can choose to inscribe Fear, Anger, Pride, Greed, or nothing but scribbles.

So which answer is the correct one here? Does it have something to do with your character class, or some role-playing options? Also, will this come back in some way and do you have to be careful about what to inscribe? The answer is – it doesn’t really matter. You can choose whichever option you want and you will then get access to Kyovashad all the same. All that matters is that you perform the ritual.

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