RE4 Remake Hexagon Puzzle, Stone Pedestal

Not sure where to find all Hexagon Pieces locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake? We’ve got you covered! In order to solve the Hexagon Puzzle in Chapter 3 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, you will first need to find all three Hexagon Pieces for the Stone Pedestal. This guide explains where to find the Hexagon Pieces

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RE4 Remake Stone Pedestal Puzzle, All Hexagon Pieces Locations

Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon Stone Pedestal Puzzle Solution

Before we jump to locations, you should know that you’ll need to defeat Del Lago first. This will grant you access to a boat, which is needed in order to have access to locations around the lake. The three Hexagon Pieces are located around the lake, and that’s why we need this boat. Now, let’s jump to locations of Hexagon Pieces for the RE4 Remake Stone Pedestal Puzzle.

Hexagon Piece A is the easiest one to locate. You will find it in a treasure chest near the Merchant, under the stairs directly opposite the merchant. Next, Hexagon Piece B is located at the Fish Farm. There’s a wooden bridge and swampy water beneath it. Jump into the water, and you’ll see a red-and-white lifebuoy towards the left under the pathway. And right next to it is a chest with the piece inside it.

Finally, Hexagon Piece C is probably the hardest to find. In the northeastern part of the lake, directly east of the Lakeside Settlement, there’s a Small Cave Shrine. It’s illuminated and easily visible. Hence, it will not be hard to spot it. Check out our images below for the exact location. Grab your boat and enter the cave. Head to the very end, and you’ll see a small wooden hut. Check out our guide on how to unlock the Small Cave Shrine. Now enter inside and grab Hexagon Piece C. And there you have it, all 3 Hexagon Pieces Locations.

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