Search for Dawood Diablo 4 On The Hunt

In our Search for Dawood Diablo 4 On The Hunt guide, we are going to show you where to find the location of Dawood. We will also briefly walk you through the rest of the mission, just in case. The missing member of the Iron Wolves has gone off on his own, and you have to search for him in the darkness. It’s not easy, which is why we’re here to help.

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search for dawood diablo 4 on the hunt
Search for Dawood Diablo 4 On The Hunt

Diablo 4 Search for Dawood, On the Hunt

Search for Dawood is one of the steps in the Diablo 4 On the Hunt side quest, as we’ve already mentioned. As is the case with many similar missions, opening the map provides you with a wide ring in which you need to search. As it turns out Dawood is in the northwest of the circle. He’s kinda in the middle of nowhere, so just take a look at the screenshots below to see exactly where to find him. It’s dark in there, so be careful not to bypass Dawood by accident. Granted, the side quest icon is going to pop up when you come close enough, but in all honestly, we almost walked straight by him regardless. Keep your eyes peeled.

So, now you know where to search for Dawood in the On the Hunt quest in Diablo 4. This isn’t the final part of the quest, though. After a talk with Dawood, you both go to a second location and battle Malik, a vampiric Elite enemy. He shouldn’t prove to be too much of a challenge, depending on your level. Once that’s over and done with, travel back to the Iron Wolves Encampment and talk to Haddad to finish the mission. Our rewards were twelve and a half thousand XP (and some change) and two thousand Gold. And, of course, some Kehjistan renown. It’s not much, but it’s honest work. If there’s something else bothering you in the game, check out our other Diablo 4 guides.

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