Diablo 4 Skeletons Lagging & Stuttering Issue Fix

In the Diablo 4 Open Beta Weekend, players worldwide will get the first chance to try the Necromancer class. However, his legendary armies of skeletons seem to be a bit rusty during the opening weekend. Read on as we explain what can be done about Diablo 4 Skeletons lagging and stuttering issue in the open beta.

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Diablo 4 Skeletons Lagging & Stuttering Issue Fix

Diablo 4 Skeletons Stuttering and Lagging Issue Solutions

Admittedly, one should not expect his skeletons to be the fastest bunch, given that they are undead. However, it could still be nice if they would at least behave normally. Unfortunately, Necromancer’s skeletons in the Diablo 4 beta are currently acting quite choppy. At the start of the open beta weekend, there were countless reports of the Diablo 4 Skeletons stuttering and lagging.

“The skeletons look like they’re moving at 1 fps and stuttering. I was playing with another necromancer, and neither of our characters was stuttering, and neither was that person’s skeletons,” says Reddit user Numbersev. And he’s just one of many users reporting the same issue of Necro skeletons animation being “very choppy and jumpy”.

Skeletons lagging when playing
by u/RedditTanel in Diablo

So, is there something you could do to fix this? Luckily, this is one of those bugs which fixes itself after a while. As reported by numerous players, the issue with lagging and stuttering Skeletons in Diablo 4 is the strongest when you hit the open world for the first time and around Kyovashad. However, after a while, the issue will simply disappear. This is a glitch mostly related to server problems, as they are currently overloaded with an influx of players. Hopefully, Blizzard will fix this bug soon, and Necro skeletons will stop jumping and teleporting around. For now, that’s all we know about this issue. If you know of any working solution, share it with us in the comments section!

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  1. J
    James Pyle

    10 hours of play, still there. Has nothing to do with lag. It’s as if the animations are literally playing in 30 fps while ALL OTHER Mobs are fine.

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