Diablo 4 Skip Campaign or Not in Season 2

If you aren’t sure whether you should skip the Diablo 4 campaign or not in Season 2, you have a very reasonable concern. Like, what are the consequences of skipping the campaign? The game doesn’t really tell you. Are you going to miss out on something if you jump straight to the seasonal content? Are other players going to outrank you somehow? These are important things to know. So, let’s find out.

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diablo 4 skip campaign or not in season 2
Diablo 4 Skip Campaign or Not in Season 2

Should You Skip Campaign in Diablo 4 Season 2

Yes, you should absolutely skip the campaign to get straight to the new content of Diablo 4 Season 2. This is especially true if you’ve already completed it; that’ll just be wasting precious time. Unless you really, really want to, I guess, for whatever reason. I would advise against this, and quite vehemently. You won’t be able to experience any of the seasonal content until you complete the main story, which we know takes a lot. On top of that, you’ll be letting everyone else sail past you while they play the new content and quite likely outlevel you rapidly. So, it can actually be detrimental, because you won’t be able to keep pace;. The campaign will not give you nearly as much XP and you just won’t be able to compete by the time you trudge along on the arduous journey to the seasonal content.

So, yeah; if you’ve wondering whether you should skip the campaign in Diablo 4 Season 2, the answer is an unequivocal, resounding “yes.” And if you need further reasons: skipping the main story lets you have a mount right from the get-go, and you get to keep all of your Altars of Lilith and Renown. If you go through all the right steps, that is; for more information, check out our Seasonal Character Renown Didn’t Transfer Diablo 4 guide. And as for when you can choose to skip the campaign, it’s right after you select between the Seasonal Realm and Eternal Realm in the character creator. If you can’t find the option, take a look at the image up top. Make sure the box is checked before starting the game.

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