Diablo 4 Slow Beating Heart Can't Progress, Snake Blocking Path

Diablo 4 The Slow, Beating Heart quest has many players confused. They are not sure how exactly where they need to go in order to “follow your allies across the serpent”. If the snake is blocking your path in this Act V quest after you leave the area, we have a solution.

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Diablo 4 Slow Beating Heart Can't Progess, Snake Blocking Path
Diablo 4 Serpent Blocking Path

Diablo 4 Slow Beating Heart Can’t Progress, Snake is Blocking Path

In Act 5 of Diablo 4, you’ll join forces with Neyrelle and Lorath across the swamps of Hawezar. There, you will need to bypass a giant serpent so that you can eventually reach the Tree of Whispers. The first part of this quest is called the Serpentine Path. At one point, you will need to wound the snake and open a path that way. However, the quest will bug out if you destroy the wounded section to get past the serpentine and then leave the area for whatever reason.

“I logged out during the part where I was supposed to talk to Neyrelle after I destroyed the wounded section,” says player Cianibyn. “I logged back in, and the snake is blocking my path with no option to get past the snake.” Another player shares a similar issue in Act 5, The Slow Beating Heart. He teleported out of the stage. And when he returned, the snake blocked all the possible entrances to the next stage. At that point, it is not even possible to interact with the NPC quest-giver. You also can’t progress through the campaign because of that.

So, is there a fix for this? Luckily, there is a solution! As shared by Battle.net user MILFurion, here’s what you need to do: Go to the entrance closest to the quest blocked by the serpent. For example, the entrance right next to the Ancient Reservoir dungeon. Stand as close to the snake as you can, log out and back in, and you will be teleported to the quest zone. While you’re here, check out our Diablo 4 Invisible Walls guide for a similar issue.

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    Thank you SO much! I had no idea what to do and thought this was another quest I wasn’t going to be able to finish. (I’ve got a couple of bugged side quests that are just stuck) But as this is part of the main story line, kinda important. Please accept this virtual shipment of healing potions and various elixirs! Thanks again!

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    Thank you so much this saved my a**. I logged out at the place where you slashed the damaged part of the serpent and that teleported me back to the right location.

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