Diablo 4 World Tier 1 or 2 Choice

In our Diablo 4 World Tier 1 or 2 Choice guide, we are going to explain the difficulty choice between World Tiers 1 and 2 in Diablo IV, and tell you which Tier is best to level up in. The Tiers vary in monster difficulty, but also in the amounts of XP and Gold you get for defeating them. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the meat of the matter.

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diablo 4 world tier 1 or 2 choice
Diablo 4 World Tier 1 or 2 Choice

Diablo 4 World Tier 1 or 2 Difficulty Choice Explained

The choice between World Tier 1 and 2 difficulty in Diablo 4 lets you decide how hard you want to make your playthrough. Tier 1, Adventurer, is for those of you that are either a new player or just don’t want that much of a challenge. This level is for characters between levels 1 and 50, and naturally, the rewards you get XP-wise and Gold-wise are relatively low. Tier 2 is for more experienced players. The monsters are significantly more dangerous, but you get 20% more XP and 15% more Gold. The recommended character levels are also between 1 and 50.

Later on, you’ll get access to two more World Tiers, Nightmare and Torment. The former is for characters between levels 50 and 70, and the latter for everyone above 70. Needless to say, the enemies get progressively more brutal, but the rewards are also more significant, including more powerful items. It’s important to note that the items that drop in Tier 1 are the same as in Tier 2.

Best World Tier to Level Up in Diablo 4

The simple answer is, the higher your World Tier in Diablo 4, the faster you will level up. Of course, it also depends on how experienced a player you are. Monsters in Tier 2 are no joke. If you find you can’t handle them, then perhaps it’s best to step down to World Tier 1. While you will get less XP and Gold, you will still level up faster if you’re not dying all the time. If you’ve never played much Diablo, I recommend starting off on World Tier 1. I mean, you can start on World Tier 2 and then change it later. You decide.

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