Diablo Immortal Best Crusader Gems

What are the best legendary gems for Crusaders in Diablo Immortal? By now, we all know that, unfortunately, Diablo Immortal has many pay-to-win elements. The main component of any good build is not the gear, but rather Legendary Gems. And, as it stands, you must pay and grind a lot in order to get just a few, let alone some of the best 5-Star gems. That’s why you need to pick carefully the best gems for your class. In this guide, we explain which gems to use with the Crusader in Diablo Immortal.

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Diablo Immortal Best Crusader Gems
Which gems to use for Crusader in Diablo Immortal?

Best Gems for Crusader Diablo Immortal

Crusaders are probably one of the better classes in the game if you are interested in PvP, especially team PvP. The Crusader possesses outstanding crowd control capabilities while being able to sustain a huge amount of damage in front lines. You will be able to constantly interrupt your enemies and manipulate their positions so that you can line them up for devastating damage by your party members.

When choosing the best gems for the Crusaders, we consider the fact that they are always in the front row, taking damage and controlling the battlefield, while also being a tanky class with a lot of HP. With that in mind, these are the best gems for the Crusader in Diablo Immortal.

  • Blessing of the Worthy – When you take damage, you have a 20% chance to unleash retribution on all nearby enemies, dealing damage equal to 12% of your maximum Life. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds
  • Blood-Soaked Jade – Increases all damage you deal by up to 8% and your Movement Speed by 10%, with less damage bonus the lower your Life, to a minimum of 4%.
  • Chip of Stone Flesh – Each time you cause an enemy to lose control, you will also apply an explosive curse. When the curse expires, the enemy will explode for damage equal to 45% of all damage taken during its duration. Up to a maximum of 150.00% base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds per target.
  • Phoenix Ashes – Prevents fatal damage, and then grants a shield for 6 seconds that absorbs damage equal to 450% of your base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 180 seconds.
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