Best Diablo Immortal Necromancer Gems

What are the best legendary gems for Necromancers in Diablo Immortal? While finding the best gear was always the core experience of Diablo games, in Diablo Immortal things are a tad different. Legendary gear is still important, but what’s even more important is to put the best Legendary gems. Unfortunately, Legendary gems are hard to get. They are either hidden behind a paywall, or you’ll need to grind them. That’s why it’s important to know what you need for your build. Read on to learn about the best gems for Necromancer in Diablo Immortal.

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Best Diablo Immortal Necromancer Gems
Best Necromancer Gems Diablo Immortal

Best Gems for Necromancers Diablo Immortal

Legendary Gems are by far the most important items in Diablo Immortal. They provide additional stats and infuse your gear with special, powerful effects that can create a killing machine out of your character. Obtaining them is very hard. You can either get random ones by completing empowered Elder Rifts or you can craft specific ones at the Jeweler in Westmarch. Given how hard is to get them, it is of utmost importance to know which ones are best for your character. And when it comes to the Necromancer, these are considered the best.

  • Blood-Soaked Jade – Increases all damage done by 24% and movement speed by 10%. Lower damage bonus the lower your Life to a minimum of 12%. Take 8% decreased damage while below 50% Life.
  • Chip of Stone Flesh – Each time you cause an enemy to lose control, you will also apply an explosive curse. When the curse expires, the enemy will explode for damage equal to 45% of all damage taken during its duration, up to a maximum of 150.00% base damage. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds per target.
  • Seeping Bile – Your attacks have 4% chance to poison enemies, inflicting 25% base damage + 263 every second for 6 seconds. This poison spreads to nearby enemies if the victim dies. Cannot affect the same target more often than once every 20 seconds.
  • Howler’s Call – Your Primary Attack has a 10% chance to summon a charging spirit wolf that inflicts 150% base damage + 1458 to all enemies in its path. Cannot occur more often than once every 20 seconds.
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