Diablo Immortal Not Visible On Google Play Store

The problem of Diablo Immortal being not visible or not appearing on Google Play Store has been one of the many problems prospective players have been encountering. This can happen for several reasons, some of which you can fix or circumvent relatively easily. Others, not so much. So, let’s find out why Diablo Immortal might be missing from the Google Play Store, and what you can do about it.

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diablo immortal not visible on google play store
Diablo Immortal Not Visible On Google Play Store

Diablo Immortal Not Appearing on Google Play Store

If Diablo Immortal is not appearing or is not visible on the Google Play Store for you, there are several potential problems. The first one is that you might have parental control on. In the Play Store, tap your account icon in the top right, then tap Settings, and select “Family.” Tap “Parental Controls” and turn it off or tap “Apps and Games” and select “Allow All.” Mind you, either of these methods will require you to enter the PIN number you assigned. Another potential issue is that the game is not out in your region. If that is the case, then you might be able to circumvent the situation using a VPN. Hopefully, one of these two fixes will work for you.

Unfortunately, the most likely reason for Diablo Immortal not appearing or not being visible on the Google Play Store is that your phone is not compatible. Over the course of several updates, the developers have changed the list of devices where Diablo Immortal is not supported. The best way to check if this is the case is to go to the Google Play Store via your phone’s browser and look the game up. If it tells you that your phone is not compatible, well, there’s your problem. The only fix for this is to get a new phone or wait and see whether Activision Blizzard will include yours into the list of supported devices at some future point. Really casts that “you all have phones, right” comment in a new, even worse light, doesn’t it?

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