Diablo Immortal Soft Caps & Hidden Caps

What are Soft Caps and Hidden Caps in Diablo Immortal? The latest Diablo game has had the Diablo community divided. On the one hand, many players find Diablo Immortal’s gameplay to be fun and addictive, especially for a mobile game. On the other hand, the game’s monetization system has been heavily criticized since the game’s release. It is considered to be pay-to-win (P2W) and the grinding nature of the game seems designed to incentivize players to spend money. To add to that, the game has hidden limitations which prevent players from fully playing free-to-play. In this guide, we list all Diablo Immortal Soft Caps and Hidden Caps.

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Diablo Immortal Soft Caps & Hidden Caps

Soft Caps Diablo Immortal

In case you don’t know what are soft caps, they are essentially certain limitations in many RPGs that are “hidden”. Unlike hard caps, which are simply the maximum number of something you can have, soft caps are points at which the value of continuing doing something drastically drops. In RPGs like Elden Ring, these caps are mostly related to the stats of your character. However, in Diablo Immortal they limit the amount of grind a player can do on a daily basis.

Numerous members of the community worked hard to discover these limitations in Diablo Immortal. Most notably, Reddit users Fticon, Itsecurityguy, Echohack, and others. They have compiled a list of soft caps, which we now present to you here. Below, you will find the all currently known caps in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal Hidden Caps

  • Legendary & Set Pieces – 5 or 6 per day, then drops drastically.
  • Normal Gems in 4-player Dungeons – 1 per run until your 6th gem of the day, then 1 per hour.
  • Sidequests (3! Blue Marks) – The first 6 quests of the day will reward you 5x Yellow Materials max. After that, it’s much harder to find new quests (approx. 1 per hour).
  • Purple World Boss Quests – Max 5 x Yellow Mat for each reward. After the 5th boss, it stops dropping.
  • Popup Side Quests (Blue or Eliminate x Monsters) – The first 5 quests reward up to 5 Yellow Materials, and then it stops dropping.
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle 5 Pages – You can summon the bosses once per day. One dungeon (from a small random pool) is materials only, others have a chance to drop legendaries. Ideally do 5 per day.
  • Hidden Lairs – A maximum of 6 normal gems per day. After two Hidden Lairs, it stops dropping.
  • Cursed Chests – Max 5 x Yellow Mat for each. After the 5th, it stops dropping.
  • Daily Bestiary
    • You can have 10 monster essence at a time (stops dropping when you have 10) and then trade it for a new bestiary page.
    • Up to 3 pages per day.
    • After the 3rd daily page, you can exchange 10 x monster essence for random prizes (or save it and use it the next day)
    • There is a 30% chance to receive a duplicated entry.
    • There is a higher chance of getting 3 duplicated page entries in a row after 60 pages.
    • You can get up to 3 legendaries on a single turn-in.
  • Rarities and Antiquities Merchant – The daily limit is 25 and it gets more expensive (150%) after the 10th purchase.
  • Daily Bounties – Up to four active quests at a time, eight in total per day.
  • Legacy of Horadrim – A maximum of four key drops from the Horadrim dungeon mobs per day.
  • Fading Embers from enhanced Elder Rifts – A weekly limit of 200 and a maximum of 120 bonus from other players in a party with an active Crest (Rare or Legendary)
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  1. A

    Is there a source for the Soft cap on equipment drops. I’ve seen the 5-6 number posted a lot but no one is saying where they got it from.

  2. P

    I dont know how high it is but there is a weekly cap for battle pass points

    1. A

      The battle pass limit is listed in game. 2400 points per a week.

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