Unable to Install or Patch Diablo Immortal Fix

If you are receiving the Diablo Immortal unable to install or patch error, there might be several reasons why is this happening. As of today, Diablo Immortal is finally available for download on mobile devices. The download size is around 1.5GB on Day One, but expect that to increase as the game becomes bigger. However, many players are currently reporting problems as they are unable to install and patch Diablo Immortal. If you can’t install Diablo Immortal on your phone, tablet, or PC, here’s how to fix the issue.

Unable to Install or Patch Diablo Immortal Fix

How to Fix the Diablo Immortal Unable to Install or Patch Error

Many Diablo Immortal players who are trying to install the game are currently experiencing some issues. Namely, the biggest problem comes in the form of messages saying “Unable to Install Diablo Immortal” or “Unable to Patch Diablo Immortal”. If this is driving you crazy as well, worry not! We have quite a few possible solutions how to fix this annoying bug.

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This is a known issue, and Blizzard is well aware of it. Thus, while they are working on permanently fixing it, they have also provided a list of actions you can take in order to bypass it. Diablo Immortal Alpha or Beta versions installed on your device might cause issues. Make sure to remove them before installing the full version. Also, you won’t be able to install the game if your device doesn’t meet the system requirements for Diablo Immortal.

Make sure that the operating system of your device is up to date. Clear any Diablo Immortal app cache/data via your app storage in device settings. Make sure that you have enough free space for the installation, which is around ~2GB. If you are installing or patching the game via a Wi-Fi network, it’s important to have a good quality network, otherwise, you might encounter problems with the download.

If after everything, you are still unable to patch your game, try uninstalling it completely, restarting your device, and then doing a fresh installation. And one final note, Blizzard states that “The payment method on your Google Play account must be from the same country that your Google Play account is registered to in order to install Diablo Immortal.”

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